Ken Goldberg, M.D., a board-certified urologist, graduated from Case Western Reserve Medical School in 1974. Following a surgical internship and residency at Emory University in Atlanta, Dr. Goldberg completed a fellowship in urology at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

After several years of treating patients at his urological practice, Dr. Goldberg founded the Male Response Center in 1986 for treating erectile dysfunction. It was one of the first such practices to include a psychologist on its staff. About the same time, he also opened the Center for Permanent Birth Control, where he performed vasectomies on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, so that men could be back to work on Monday.

These efforts evolved into the Male Health Center in 1989, the first clinic in the U.S. dedicated to treating the range of conditions specific to men. The Male Health Center also had as a mandate to help men live longer and better and become more involved in their health. To accomplish this, the center offered prostate cancer screenings in the workplace and conducted seminars on specific male-health problems. Former patients of Dr. Goldberg participated in the seminars to convey their experiences in improving their health.

In 1998 the Male Health Center merged with the Baylor Health Network to form the Male Health Institute, which expanded the practice to include primary care physicians and treatment of all male health problems. In addition to workplace cancer screenings, the Male Health Institute conducted wellness screenings at the work site and offered free screenings on conditions such as snoring, gastrointestinal problems, colon cancer and joint problems. A particularly innovative program was conducting sports physicals for teens; local celebrities were involved to help teach the young men healthy habits.

Dr. Goldberg has served on advisory panels for National Men's Health Week, Men's Health Network and Men's Health Magazine. He has also spent much of his time motivating, involving and informing men through a syndicated newspaper column and two books, How Men Can Live as Long as Women and When the Man You Love Won’t Take Care of His Health. He is a frequent speaker on national television and at professional meetings across the country.

Dr. Goldberg has dedicated his life to educating men to detect health problems early and to modify their lifestyles to live longer. His years of clinical experience in treating male problems, his understanding of the psychology of the male patient, and his knowledge of how best to communicate with men and their partners have made a significant impact on improving male health.

When Dr. Goldberg’s spouse was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2000, he elected to close the Male Health Institute to devote more time to her care. But the Male Health Center lives on in the pages of this Web site by him sharing his experience and opinions.


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